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Whether you are a novice wine consumer or a discretionary collector, 1801 First Luxury Inn is proud to offer our VIP Exclusive Wine Tour Packages - “Exclusive Napa – The Insider Experience.”

Have you ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with a Napa Valley winemaker or owner? Well, imagine spending the day tasting wines at the private residence of a boutique wine maker…. or strolling through magnificent vineyards with breathtaking views…. or perhaps having lunch with a vintner as you get an insiders’ education on winemaking! Now you can—with our VIP Exclusive Wine Tour Packages.

After much time and research, we have teamed up with just a handful of the valleys’ finest properties and proprietors. These are truly unforgettable experiences! These unique packages will allow you access to wineries that are generally not open to the public and will give you a personal knowledge of some of the elite wine makers in Napa Valley. Not to mention that you will be tasting wines that are extremely rare and have very limited production.

The VIP Exclusive Wine Tour Packages range from $580.00 to $761.00 plus tax (based on 2 people) and are all inclusive of the following:

  • Private Driver and Wine Educator
  • 3 Boutique Winery Visits/Experiences
  • Personal Tour with Vintner or Wine Maker
  • Picnic Lunch
In order to create a customized package for you, we need to learn more about your wine preferences. So to get started, we have developed a Wine Buyer Profile that will be emailed to you; you’ll fill it out the profile and send it back to us. This will ensure that we match your palate to the perfect wineries!

To take advantage of this truly exclusive package, you will need to directly contact a concierge at the inn. Please phone (707) 224-3739 or email info@1801first.com.

We look forward to hearing from you. We know you will be delighted!

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Why is there a difference in the price range?
A. Because we will customize the package according to your palate and preference, there will be slight variations in the package prices, depending upon which wineries you visit.

Q. We are travelling with another couple. Can you customize a package for the 4 of us?
A. Of course! We have packages for up to 8 people. Just be sure to let us know at the time of the inquiry so we can begin customizing appropriately.

Q. What is the deposit and cancellation policy?
A. Because of the exclusivity and limited availability of these packages, we require a 50% deposit on all packages at the time of reservation. There is a $100 cancellation fee once a reservation has been made and confirmed by phone. Cancellations within 14 days of the tour/charter date will be charged the full remaining balance.

Q. Can we pick which wineries we would like to visit?
A. Unfortunately, no. But that’s the whole point of this package is that we do all the work for you! Trust us—you will not be disappointed and hopefully we’ll expose you to some new wines and wineries that you have not experienced before. We will give you an idea of some of the wineries that are typically part of these experiences and upon final confirmation we will provide you will a detailed itinerary so you can plan accordingly.

Q. How long are the tours?
A. Your day will be 5-6 hours. Once your itinerary has been completed, we will let you know the specific time.

Q. We love wine but don’t really plan to purchase a lot on this visit. Is this package still appropriate for us?
A. Absolutely. Again, the Wine Profile that you complete will help us match up the right experiences for you. And just be sure to let us know when we begin the planning.


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Napa Valley Wine Tour Package

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